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QA Testing Service for Desktop, Mobile & Web | Whow Tech

QA & Testing

In a highly competitive and growing industry, QA and testing activities have become a core part of the software development cycle.

To improve software quality, Whow Tech offers a series of cutting-edge solutions combining manual and automated tests able to meet various test needs. The expertise, efficiency and innovative strategies of our team of experienced QA engineers also help reduce costs and development time. Our testing services are as follows:


Functional Tests

Functional tests have the objective of verifying that every functionality of the software or web application is operational in compliance with the requirements drawn up in the analysis phase, whether technical or business oriented.

Automated Tests

The need to repeat several times the test of a product with different configurations often makes the test performed manually less effective, because of the design constraints related to timing and costs, compromising the final quality of the product.
Automating test cases drastically reduces development time and costs, and makes the software testing process more efficient and effective. The use of automated solutions also reduces the possibility of human errors due to the complexity and repetitiveness of operations.

Anti-intrusion Tests

Anti-intrusion tests are aimed at verifying the level of physical and logical security of systems, software and web applications, by simulating attack attempts using automated software or hacker-specific methodologies.

Performance Tests

Performance tests check that a system works correctly in situations of particular criticality and stress, simulating the simultaneous access of a large number of users. Testing activities evaluate the system’s performance in terms of reactivity and stability with a given load level, as well as verifying the scalability, reliability and resources usage.

Technical Tests

Testing activities on APIs and Databases allow minimizing errors and malfunctions of software and web applications.